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Maximizing Abilities through Quality Service

Vision Statement

Since 1973

Horizons Centre will be a prominent and provincially recognized Agency, bridging people with disabilities and their families with accountable services.

About Us

Employment Support

Horizons Centre supports individuals with disabilities to prepare for, find, and maintain employment with a variety of supports that include programs like resume building, learners license preparation, & emotional wellbeing.  Individuals are finding competitive employment throughout our community. Many thanks to Wetaskiwin’s inclusive employers!

Home Living-Proprietorships

Individuals are able to live in the home of an individual or family (per availability). This service provides accommodation and support in a family oriented environment. Please contact us for more information on becoming a proprietor.

community inclusion

Individuals may have opportunities to connect in various ways with our local community. Individuals choose to volunteer their time making soup at the local soup kitchen, maintaining the beauty of exhibits at our Reynolds Alberta Museum,  or assisting seniors to be active and included in their communities through facilitation of  bingo's and card making, to name a few.

Vision Statement

Horizons Centre will be a prominent and provincially recognized Agency, bridging people with disabilities and their families with accountable services.


Horizons Centre offers individualized programs centered around each persons dreams and desires for their future. Our primary focus is personal independence and community inclusion. We pride ourselves on raising the bar every step of the way. We believe every individual is in charge of their own future, and we are there to support in whatever way possible to help them reach their goals. Whether it be having a valued role in the community through employment, volunteering, learning new skills, making friends, or learning to advocate for themselves, Horizons Centre is there to provide the needed supports.

Board of directors

Chairperson: Bill Elliot

Vice-Chair: Phil Houle- Gregg

Treasurer: Therese Myndio

Director: Kevin Johnson

Director:  Tim Bolivar

Director: Amanda Carr

In 1973 a group of parents who played an integral role in the development of Lynn Lauren School and residential services, recognized their children with disabilities were reaching an age when the school system and existing programs would no longer meet their needs. As a result of their vision and dedication, a workshop and training Centre called Horizons Unlimited was created. Later on, Horizons Unlimited had expanded its career and employment services to such an extent it became necessary to set up an independent governing body to look after its needs.


Horizons Training Centre Society, referred to today as simply “Horizons Centre”, was established in December of 1982.


Horizons Centre's mandate was to provide an employment training program for adults with developmental disabilities. The agency operated at various locations in the community while it worked on the construction and development of a permanent site. In 1985, Horizons Centre moved to its current location on the south side of Wetaskiwin.

Initially, Horizons Centre programs were conducted within a sheltered workshop setting (e.g., woodworking and ceramics). However, Horizons Centre soon began expanding services and programs into the community, providing individuals the opportunity for integration and skill building.

Horizons Centre continues these practices today.  Adults with disabilities are supported with employment, community involvement, and skill development, contributing to greater inclusion and independence.

Programs & Services

Horizons Centre provides supports and services to adults with disabilities through programs that run Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. We offer flexible hours for supporting individuals in community access and employment settings that do not fall within these regular hours.

Horizons main areas of service include:

Day Programs

Community access

Programs that provide opportunity to individuals with disabilities to build natural connections within the community, and participate in integrated community activities and events.


Programming assists individuals with developmental disabilities to develop skills to obtain and maintain employment based on their interests.  Support can range from employment preparation programs (instilling and enhancing work ethics, finding and keeping a job, etc.) to on the job support.  When an individual obtains employment, there job coach not only supports them in there job training and development, but fosters the training of natural supports through co-workers, allowing for greater independence in their work.

home living (proprietorships)

Program allows adults with disabilities to live in the home of an individual caregiver or family (per availability), which results in accommodations and support in a family oriented environment. If you are interested in more information about becoming a proprietor, please contact us.

(Subject to Change)

  • In house
  • Woodworking
  • Sewing
  • Art
  • Fitness
  • Card making
  • Learners license preparation
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Computers
  • Hot meal planning & cooking

Advocacy Groups

  • Hurricanes
  • Central Alberta Advocacy Network (CAAN)

In the Community

  • Salvation Army Food Bank & Store
  • Farmers Market
  • Neighborhood Outreach Wetaskiwin
  • Reynolds Alberta Museum
  • Peace Hills Lodge
  • Wetaskiwin Meadows
  • Community Exploration
  • Good Shepherd

Individuals can choose from a variety of options, to become involved through different programs, services, and advocacy groups. Horizons in-house programs enable individuals

Transition Planning


Home Transition Planning

Transitions are a natural part of one’s life. It can be challenging to understand what is next, what steps to take, and what to expect during these transitions. Having the appropriate information can help make for smooth and exciting transitions. Below are links and information to help guide individuals through the process of turning 18 and then what to expect when an individual turns 65.


Turning 18




Turning 65


Moving into retirement does not mean your PDD funded supports will be affected. Supports are based upon need and determined through service design and planning. Horizons Centre offers programming that promotes skill maintenance through a more relaxed environment and delivery method.

What will change is your AISH benefits, so it is important to be aware of the steps to take to start receiving your old age security pension and apply for other benefits.


“As OAS pension benefits serve the same purpose as AISH benefits, the AISH program requires applicants and clients who are eligible to receive OAS pension benefits to access these benefits as soon as they are eligible. AISH clients transitioning onto these benefits may also be eligible for a number of provincial programs for seniors, including the Alberta Seniors Benefit, Special Needs Assistance for Seniors, Dental and Optical Assistance for Seniors and Alberta Blue Cross Coverage for Seniors.”






Below is information regarding criteria for enrolling, service process, and the Horizons Centre’s application for service.

criteria for enrollemnt

-Must be 18 years of age or older

-Must have been diagnosed with a Developmental Disability

-Must meet the entrance criteria of P.D.D.

-Must be of sufficient health, capable, and willing to participate in and benefit from the programs offered

-Horizons Centre must have program space available

steps to enroll

1. Meet with the PDD Service Coordinator in regards to eligibility, funding, and to develop an Individual Service Plan.

2. Set up a meeting with the Horizons Centre Program Director for a tour and discussion of your interests and outcomes.

3. If interested, complete the Horizons Centre Application for Service

4. Horizons Centre will meet with PDD during a Resource Meeting to discuss eligibility, funding, and outcomes

5. A decision will be made based on an individual’s outcome, our ability to help the individual meet the outcomes, as well as current program space

6. If Horizons Centre is able to provide supports, the individual will receive a letter of acceptance which will include the start date, the schedule, and the assigned Program Coordinator

7. If we are unable to provide supports, the individual will receive a letter stating the reason for the decision. If the individual does not agree with the decision, they are able to choose to pursue the PDD Dispute Resolution Process.

downloadable pdf's


What is CAAN?

CAAN stands for Central Alberta Advocacy Network.  CAAN consists of adults with disabilities in Self Advocate groups from across the central region of Alberta.  Current members from the central region include:

  • Wetaskiwin
  • Horizons Hurricanes
  • Catholic Social Services (CSS) Star Gazers
  • Lacombe
  • Lacombe Action Group
  • Wainwright
  • Red Deer
  • Catholic Social Services (CSS) Community Connections
  • Central Alberta Residence Society (CARS) / Leadership and Advocacy Council (LA Council)
  • Michener Centre
  • Catholic Social Services (CSS) Cheetahs
  • Drumheller
  • Meteorites
  • Innisfail
  • PROS



  • Develop a promotional plan including the CAAN Facebook page, updating brochures, and creating business cards.


  • Create a stronger network for self-advocates in the central region
  • Research other self-advocate groups
  • Provide opportunity for presentations about CAAN


  • Continue moving towards greater independence
  • Developing self-confidence through mentoring
  • Practising Self-Advocacy skills at the quarterly meetings

If you or someone you know wants t0:

  • Have Fun
  • Meet Other Self-Advocates
  • Become A Leader In Your Community
  •  Learn About Self-Advocacy
  • Feel Good About Yourself


then Contact Us at:

Phone: (780) 352-6096       Fax: (780) 352-3054,

Email: caan@horizonscentre.com  or

Find us on Facebook

The quarterly CAAN meetings are hosted in Red Deer at the Michener Center every March, June, and November.  The September meeting is replaced each year with a fall leadership retreat that members of CAAN are invited to attend as well as being open to any adult with disabilities to attend.


Registration forms are available for anyone wishing to attend, and can be requested.  The retreat has been held at a variety of campgrounds in the central region over the years.  This years retreat will be held at the Deer Valley Meadows Campground.

Horizon Hurricanes

Horizon Hurricanes

The Hurricanes are excited to be doing “Fall Food Fill Up” again this Fall!  Watch for the Hurricanes in local grocery stores September 16th, 30th, October 7th & 14th collecting food and cash donations for the Wetaskiwin Salvation Army Food Bank.  Donations of non perishable foods will also be accepted at Horizons Centre until October 14, 2016 between the hours of 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday to Friday! We are looking to exceed last year’s total of $1300.00 cash and 500 lbs of food!


Horizons Hurricanes is a starting point for individuals to learn and practice advocacy skills, then to move onto participating in the community and regional groups as they are interested.  Hurricanes mission statement reflects this idea and states they are “Self-Advocates of the future”.  Due to the large number of individuals that participate in the Hurricanes, there are two groups that meet on Friday’s.  One meets in the morning and one meets in the afternoon.  Each group determines their own activities.  Every Friday at noon, the elected Hurricanes Directors meet to brainstorm ideas and make Hurricanes’ decisions.

Advocate of the month

The Hurricanes promote self-advocacy by naming a “Self-Advocate of the Month”.  Peers and staff are able to nominate individuals throughout the organization that display leadership and self-advocacy skills in their daily lives.  All nominations are reviewed by the Hurricanes members, who then vote to select the winner.


coming soon

Daniel Cutknife

The Hurricanes have set their main goals as:

  1. Networking
  2. Community Involvement
  3. Helping Others

The Hurricanes are active in the Horizons organization and the community, planning and participating in many events throughout the year.  Below are a few examples of what Hurricanes have been involved in this past year:

Main goals


  • Collected donations and filled shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child
  • Food drives for the Salvation Army Food Bank, multiple times per year
  • Random acts of kindness in February, baked and gave out free cookies
  • Planned and organized fundraising souvenir sales at the Legion on Canada Day
  • Sold poppies and tea for Remembrance Day and donated the proceeds to the “Poppy Fund”
  • Organized a presentation for Horizons Centre on the significance of Remembrance Day
  • Prepared a presentation on Anti-Bullying, for Pink Shirt Day
  • Prepared a presentation on Employment and Inclusion, for classes at the Wetaskiwin Composite High School
  • Participated in Wetaskiwin's community clean up
  • Decorated the Long Term Care Unit at the hospital (ongoing)

Community Employers

Horizons Centre recognizes Wetaskiwin’s inclusive community employers and encourages others to support and follow the lead of these businesses!

  • Canadian Tire
  • City of Wetaskiwin (Manluk Centre)
  • City of Wetaskiwin (Wetaskiwin Fire Department)
  • Co-op Grocery Store
  • Coffee News
  • Gord’s No Frills
  • Husky Market
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • LTCU Laundry (AHS)
  • Moose Hall
  • Northtown Village
  • Peace Hills Bingo
  • Peach Hills Lodge
  • Pet Value
  • Sacred Heart School
  • Safeway
  • Salvation Army Church
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • SportChek
  • The Bethany Group
  • Town of Millet
  • Wannasign
  • Wetaskiwin Meadows
  • Wetaskiwin Times

You are encouraged to contact Horizons Centres Program Coordinator, Jackie Peel,  by phone or E-mail for more information.

Contact Us

5431-36 Ave. Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 3C7



current events

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Horizons Centre provides supports and services to adults with disabilities during programs that run through the day from 8:00am-4:00pm, but also has flexible hours to support individuals in community access and employment settings that do not fall within these hours.