In 1973 a group of parents who played an integral role in the development of Lynn Lauren School and residential services, recognized their children with disabilities were reaching an age when the school system and existing programs would no longer meet their needs. As a result of their vision and dedication, a workshop and training Centre called Horizons Unlimited was created. Later on, Horizons Unlimited had expanded its career and employment services to such an extent it became necessary to set up an independent governing body to look after its needs.


Horizons Training Centre Society, referred to today as simply “Horizons Centre”, was established in December of 1982.


Horizons Centre's mandate was to provide an employment training program for adults with developmental disabilities. The agency operated at various locations in the community while it worked on the construction and development of a permanent site. In 1985, Horizons Centre moved to its current location on the south side of Wetaskiwin.

Initially, Horizons Centre programs were conducted within a sheltered workshop setting (e.g., woodworking and ceramics). However, Horizons Centre soon began expanding services and programs into the community, providing individuals the opportunity for integration and skill building.

Horizons Centre continues these practices today.  Adults with disabilities are supported with employment, community involvement, and skill development, contributing to greater inclusion and independence.

Chairperson: Bill Elliot

Vice-Chair: Phil Houle- Gregg

Treasurer: Therese Myndio

Secretary: Scott Ranson

Director:  Tim Bolivar

Director: Amanda Carr

Vision Statement


Board of directors

Horizons Centre offers individualized programs centered around each persons dreams and desires for their future. Our primary focus is personal independence and community inclusion. We pride ourselves on raising the bar every step of the way. We believe every individual is in charge of their own future, and we are there to support in whatever way possible to help them reach their goals. Whether it be having a valued role in the community through employment, volunteering, learning new skills, making friends, or learning to advocate for themselves, Horizons Centre is there to provide the needed supports.

Horizons Centre will be a prominent and provincially recognized Agency, bridging people with disabilities and their families with accountable services.


5431-36 Ave

Wetaskiwin, AB

T9A 3C7

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