Below is information regarding criteria for enrolling, service process, and the Horizons Centre’s application for service.

1. Meet with the PDD Service Coordinator in regards to eligibility, funding, and to develop an Individual Service Plan.

2. Set up a meeting with the Horizons Centre Program Director for a tour and discussion of your interests and outcomes.

3. If interested, complete the Horizons Centre Application for Service

4. Horizons Centre will meet with PDD during a Resource Meeting to discuss eligibility, funding, and outcomes

5. A decision will be made based on an individual’s outcome, our ability to help the individual meet the outcomes, as well as current program space

6. If Horizons Centre is able to provide supports, the individual will receive a letter of acceptance which will include the start date, the schedule, and the assigned Program Coordinator

7. If we are unable to provide supports, the individual will receive a letter stating the reason for the decision. If the individual does not agree with the decision, they are able to choose to pursue the PDD Dispute Resolution Process.

-Must be 18 years of age or older

-Must have been diagnosed with a Developmental Disability

-Must meet the entrance criteria of P.D.D.

-Must be of sufficient health, capable, and willing to participate in and benefit from the programs offered

-Horizons Centre must have program space available

criteria for enrollemnt

steps to enroll

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